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My husband's 23andme result...feeling overwhelmed

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So I got my husband's 23andme results and plugged it into genetic genie. My head is spinning. Just as a background, he was likely PANDAS as a child, has likely vaccine injury from the gulf war (13 or so vaccines before deployment) and recent rheumatic fever w/ regression into adult PANDAS like symptoms. He's in a much better place now, after long-term antibiotics.


his results--


MTHFR Homozygous (+/+) C677T mutation


Other mutations--


Homozygous (+/+) mutations:

· COMT V158M


· MAO-A R297R

· BHMT-02

· BHMT-04

· BHMT-08

· CBS A360A

Heterozygous (+/-) mutations:

· VDR Bsm

· VDR Taq

· MTR A2756G

· MTRR K350A

· AHCY-01

· AHCY-02

· AHCY-19

· SHMT1 C1420T

I honestly don't know where to begin. He pretty much has defects throughout his methylation pathway. I gather from my brief reading that he won't tolerate methyl donors well, so hydroxy B12 better? Is methylfolate still ok? I know he needs folate b/c he has high homocysteine levels. No need for anyone to reply I'm just thinking/planning out loud.

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If you go to post #18 on this thread, it might help you get started. http://perque activated b-12 guard which is a blend of methyl + hydroxy B12. I just ordered some and my DH can't tell a difference between it and the pure methylB12 he was taking. But my DD noticed a difference almost immediately and prefers the pure methylB12 http://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-MethylCobalamin-Vitamin-Flavored/dp/B000GFPDAG/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1377126211&sr=1-1&keywords=source+naturals+methylcobalamin+vitamin+b12+sublingual


They both have many of the issues you list - COMT, CBS, MTHFR, VDR Taq, MTR, MTRR, BHMT.... But you have added issues with the vaccines and adult Pandas symptoms. So what works for your DH may be different. Yasko says to start with CBS first and I get why. But you might also need to take into consideration how your DH's anxiety or post-war experiences are a factor. It might be that taking a look at the anxiety-inducing issues first, or at the same time, are important in getting your DH to a better place.


FWIW, rumor has it that Yasko has recently changed her views on what role CBS plays in ammonia. So doing things like urine test strips to monitor CBS supplement needs may not be part of her protocol anymore. But the part about using molybdenum to help convery sulfites into sulfates still seems to be accurate.


It's a lot to read and digest and re-read and re-digest. You can drive yourself nuts. But with some careful, slow/low trial and error, it can make a big difference. I hope it helps!

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LLM thank you, thank you!! You truly are an expert at this. You should get paid for this advice! This really does help to guide me in making the first few steps to addressing his health issues. Thanks for taking the time to reply and pointing me in the right direction.

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Yes momcap, the 23andme test is a very comprehensive test...all this was tested for $99 and included MTHFR and these other mutations. When you receive your results-- you'll need an app or a website to help you upload the raw data & interpret the results--- the 23andme website doesn't go deeply enough. As LLM suggested, we used genetic genie (http://geneticgenie.org/) ....we uploaded my husband's results and it gave me all his mutations with a brief explanation of each one. Please see the thread LLM referenced above for more detail.

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