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Understanding science- good article

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I do agree with Michael......... plus, as someone with a background in medical/scientific research... I am also aware of the very real aspect of "skewed" research, "peer reviewed" included...where researchers make the data fit the hypothesis whether for prestige, payoff or tenure.


I learned early on to be very cautious in just accepting something blindly because it was a "scientific" study. Especially when Big Pharma and others with a vested interest are at the helm.


Obviously, there is a lot of invaluable info that comes from genuine, unbiased research, and thankfully there is a lot of that. But sad to say, not every "scientific" study falls into that category.

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my goodness Lauren....that is not what I said at all! There was a lot of valid info in the article....just a bit one sided in its presentation.


Sorry you took it that way....do remember the focus of these forums is to be able to share and discuss things where all opinions should be able to be expressed without upset. People don't always have to agree with each other...but that is not a bad thing provided they can disagree agreeably :)

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I thought it was a good explanation of at least the peer-review process. It's simple and straight forward - does it go into every aspect of medical publishing ($$ influence, ego influence, etc...) no - but I think it's a good start for those who are easily overwhelmed with what is real or not. For example, you often see "studies" published on various supplements, weight loss products, etc...that are not peer-reviewed and often paid for by the companies who make the products themselves.

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