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Has Augmentin made any worse?

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My son was given augmentin for PANDAS also last September 27. How do I remember the date? Sadly, It turned our life into a nightmare. We were seeking help for the tics that still had not subsided although all else was calm. My son started having severe panic attacks...his face would change and he would bolt. He has never been the same and to date, I rarely leave the house with him alone for fear I won't be able to keep him safe. I wish I could reverse that decision. I was told it was bacterial die-off so we suffered with him on it for 6 weeks. :( Just weeks before we were vacationing at the beach. Hope to return there some day.

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I tried to respond to a personal message, but system would not allow.

I do think my son responds well to many antibiotics (currently Azithromycin and

Ceflex), but the augmentin did us in. It has been over a

year and I can still see all the effects (severe panic attacks especially) from it.

Yes, our son has Pandas from strep. The cause/effect is very

obvious. I just wish we had never used the augmentin. Although the

Pandas episodes subside at times, we have never smoothed out

from that experience. Also, yes, we started clonidine this week, but I can't say I notice

A difference yet.

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We have our DS Augmentin and Azith for several weeks and he was making VERY slow progress- and in the middle of week 3 his tics went through the roof. I don't think it was Herxing. We put him on Diflucan and Motrin and saw huge improvement and he is back on the "baseline". I agree with LLM that some kids have gut / immune issues and Abx may not be the silver bullet. Which unfortunately begs the question - if one cannot do Abx which seems to be a core part if PANS protocols , what options does one have..?

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