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Arginine Vasopressin - Mold Sensitivity


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We recently ran several of the Dr. Shoemaker tests for mold / chemical sensitivities for my son who has lyme. Based on his results he is sensitive to mold and multisusceptible (chemicals). I just started reading Surviving Mold by Dr. S and my head is about to explode with so much technical info!


I understand this a complex matter and a lot has been written about it here on these boards.


Specifically, I am confused about my son's Arginine Vasopressin (AVP antidiuretic hormone) results and how they relate to this issue. Any thought on this?


His results are <1.0 and the normal reference range is 1.0-13.3. Our NP mentioned something about thirst and the need to go to the bathroom a lot. My son has both of these issues.


His c3a was low at 28 (55-486 normal) and his c4a level is normal at 1256. If his c4a levels are normal, what would make this AVP low?


Hopefully, this makes sense!


Any help would be much appreciated!




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I can't answer your question about AVP - we had a normal result so I never delved into it.


But I will suggest you double check what lab ran your C3a and C4a - there's one test - and It's been so long I can't recall which one but am thinking it's the C3a/C4a - that Shoemaker used to insist be done by Jewish Labs. Other labs' results weren't reliable in his opinion. Then Quest bought Jewish Labs and now it's hard to make sure this particular lab runs your specimen. Like I said, I don't remember if it was the C3a/C4a test or something else. We last ran it about 3 yrs ago before the Quest take over. But about 8 months ago, I asked my LLMD about re-running the test in question for a follow up measurement and he said it's not worth running anymore because the numbers Shoemaker relied on can't be predictably replicated since you don't know which lad within the Quest network would be running your specimen.


So if you're seeing other labs that don't line up with the C3a/C4a results, maybe double check on whether this was/is the test that had to be specifically run thru Jewish Labs.

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