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this is not a story of pandas, nor children, nor what so much pertains to our kids - just a story of kindness I observed and wanted to share. . .


recently, on vacation, in a busy resort town, we were in a very busy ice cream shop. they boast of their 40 flavors and list them in multiple locations inside and outside the shop. as we were deciding, an older man with an obvious neurological problem stumbled into the shop. he was by himself. he went up to the young, very beautiful girl and asked, "what flavors of ice cream do you have?". (granted, he had some obvious problem so it is different from our kids that are often just seen as being unreasonable or bratty, but I still found it to relate)


she pleasantly choked a laugh and said they have 40 different kinds, showed him the signs and the cards on the cases. I don't know if he couldn't read or it was too much trouble or what, but he said, "okay, i'll take a small vanilla". she served him with a very pleasant attitude. the price was $3 and some change. he gave her 3 dollar bills and then very much struggled with making the change. she very patiently discussed with him that he could give her another dollar bill and she could get it that way.


she was so very nice and patient with him. I complimented her on it and at first I don't think she understood what I meant. she then said, 'you know -- I have people in my family. . . he's no different than anyone else.'


when we left the shop I saw him sitting and eating it with a woman. I was surprised to see that he was with someone but had been in the shop by himself. I don't know if it was some type of independence task or if he does things like that all the time. she wouldn't really have any idea the girl in the shop was so pleasant and helpful.


it just touched me because I think it is so easy for us to think we have to be so on the ball and we are the only ones who are looking out for our kids (and for the most part, I do think we are) but then there are some other times, where people you don't even know in rather insignificant situations, can be helpful.


it just kind of gave me hope that things won't always be so difficult for our kids.

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I wanted to share a random act of kindness recently experienced. My son is in hte middle of a horrific flair and we were visiting relatives last week. I took him out of the house very early to a local starbucks. We walked in and it was clear we couldnt' stay -- he erupted into a blast of rage, screams and uncontrollable tics. I walked out with him to calm him down and talk to him about keeping him together. The store manager came outside with a cup of coffee for me and told me we were welcome there anytime.

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I live in a tiny town (pop 3200ish) and most everyone at the businesses know my child. Some even know her by first and middle name :D . Many of the people (non-workers) in town know her. Everyone has been fabulous with her and her issues before and after PANDAS. Lots of folks take time out of their busy days to greet her while we are out, they stop and talk to her and let her touch them. They ask how she is doing and what she has been up to, and many stop to give her hugs. She has more of a "fan" following in town than I do HAHAHAHA.


The one that stands out the most right now was a July 2012. My kiddo has social boundary issues due to her autism. She will get right into people's space and look in their cars if she has a chance. We run a small firework stand, and one of the days she was working with me, she ran out to this ladies car. She was looking into the car and rubbing the ladies arm quite a bit when I got out there. I was reminding kiddo how you must ask permission before touching people, and the lady was very emotional. She asked me to not stop kiddo from touching because she felt like she was being touched by an angel. She later told me she had been trying to have a baby for a few years, and maybe kiddo's special touch was just what she needed.


I love my small town for several reasons. The biggest would be for the amazing reception my child gets here. No body has been rude to her, and many have gone out of their way for her needs.

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