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Lyme disease antibiotic recommendations for 10 y/o

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My 10 y/o son was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He also has Pandas. For the most part he hasn't had any classic lyme symptoms but we tested him because of the Pandas. We recently consulted with a naturopath that treats Lyme Disease and these are the medications recommended to start with. I'm looking for any information about these different abx, experiences people have had with them, side effects experienced, etc. He has taken azith for the Pandas but has never taken Cefdinir or Metronidazole. With school around the corner, I'm worried about starting him on this protocol and having him experience a lot of unpleasant side effects.


Cefdinir (treats spirochete) – 300 mg per day with breakfast

Azithromycin (treats intracellular form of Borrelia and H. Pylori) – 250 mg per day with supper

Metronidazole (treats cyst form of Borrelia and H. Pylori) – 250 mg with breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays only.

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why do you think that there will be side-effects?

I know that C-diff is an issue for some kids. is that what you are worried about?

As I understand, it takes time to develop.


Choice of abx seems right to me. there was a recent post on the same topic.

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At one point, my son was also on a similar combo for lyme - cefdinir/omnicef 2x/day, zith 1x/day and tindamax (instead of the metro but they're in the same class). But... I would strongly recommend not starting them at the same time. We introduced cefdinir first and used that plus zith (he'd already been on zith for a long time). It produced a very large herx. Cefdinir is one of the abx that crosses the BBB. Two weeks later, we started weekends of tindamax, which also produced a very large herx. it ended up being too much for him to handle and we had to stop the tindamax after 5 weekends.


In hindsight, I'd have done the cefdinir for at least a month or until the herx had subsided. Only then would I have introduced the tindamax and even then, I'd have done a low dose only twice, not four time, on the weekend, until I knew he could handle it. It was a case where we were way too aggressive and he couldn't detox quickly enough. I think the inflammation we triggered was at least as harmful in the short term as the lyme. If we'd gone slower, he may have been able to handle it. live and learn. We survived. But my advice would be to go slow and listen to symptoms as your guide, not a calendar.


You may also want to ask your doctor about anti-inflammatories or detox support. Good luck!

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