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Well, I am going to post on this forum, an article I am going to reference mentions autism, please no one get offended. My topic is OCD, which is the predominant symptom of PANS.

Wish it was all cut and dry: Do A, B, C, D, and it's fixed. It has not been like that for us, and others here,

so perhaps this might help someone.


I found a paper written by Amy Yasko from 2002 (!) that references OCD, inflammation, strep infections, and mainly, excessive glutamate in the brain - addictive behavior, and OCD seems like addictive behavior to me. I won't begin to try and give a synopsis on a Yasko paper ;-)




Here is a paper on excess glutamate and OCD written in 2012 from the International OCD foundation:



And, a list of high MSG/endotoxins foods that release glutamate:



Ibuprofen is known to suppress glutamate.


So, on a personal note: this completely fits my kid. NAC/n- acetylcystine modulates excess glutamate-

several recent studies, especially for Trichotillomania supression-

I realized my dd has been chewing Trident gum excessively all summer, like all day (aspartame) other high foods on the list - she started skin picking for the first time- PharmaNac stopped it. Then I stopped giving it.

Then, she picked up Impetigo on her face- back to antibiotics-

OCD has been ramping up all summer-

bought some more NAC, going to supp vitamin K, she has always done well with taurine, threw out the gum! (yes, I know about Spry)


I've tried to supp GABA in the past- disaster - so it's not as easy as that to re-balance.

We do not have CBS or sulfur MTHFR-


Anyway, find this all interesting- maybe it might apply to someone else for help.

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These are all on the list of recommendations from neuroscience. We tried the PharmaNac and I didn't notice a big difference. It was hard to get her to drink it, so I stopped. We will see if taking it in neuroscience's pill form combos for longer yeilds different results. We've never tried GABA or some of the other recommendations. We see O'Hara tomorrow for both girls' check-up and I'll let you know what she has to say!

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