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Parents do make a difference


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Great message, and timely with the start of school happening soon for most of us!


I read his book when it was first published, and it really was eye-opening to me. Like him, my daughter suffers from primarily obsessive/intrusive thoughts, but not really compulsions. Reading his story gave me an insight into what might be going on in my daughter's mind and was really enlightening. I recommend it if you haven't read it already.

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Thank you so much for posting this blog. I am going to read this book, its exactly what I needed. I think it can give us all great hope that we can and will beat this and that what we are doing will make a difference. Sometimes just understanding what our childrens lives are like can give us the strength we need too carry on. Sometimes as a mom we get so fed up, tired, exhausted, drained from this fight that we loose sight of the end result we are striving for. Independent, strong and healthy adults. They will get there and this author is proof.

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Thanks so much for posting. As a parent of 3 PANS children, I often feel like such a failure. I never feel like I am doing enough. I frequently feel I am handeling situations poorly due to stress. I have guilt over working and not staying home. I could go on and on...... So it does help to hear from the perspective of adults who have gone through this as kids. Thanks again.



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