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Massive Insomnia and EEG's?

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My child had 4 EEG since birth that showed abnormal EEG', but no seizuress. Doctors said that
was common to see. We are going to delve into the abnormal brain activity again
with antother doctor and we are going to get a sleep deprived EEG on the 20th.
We are also going to try some topomax from psychiatrist to try to stop racing thoughst and get her to sleep. My question is: if we
introduce the topomax, will that skew the brain waves on EEG? I just don't want
the EEG to look normal from the topomax and get no help from doctors. Any advice
is welcome. Thanks so much.

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I don't know the answer to your question but I want to caution you about Topamax as it can impair cognitive functioning, cause short-term memory loss, and it can be addictive. There is a reason clinicians jokingly refer to it as DOPAMAX!!

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A dear friend if mine has a 13 year old that is on topomax for migraines and it has literally saved her life with no side edfects whatsoever. Every person is different and one could have all, some or none of the side effects. I wouldn't not try a drug that could potentially relieve a lot of suffering because of what you've heard other experience. Of course, I would listen and take more and watch for adverse side effects but not be deterred based on others experience if that was what our doctor recommended.


With that said, I personally would not add a new drug before the EEG. It might also be interesting to perform another EEG after taking the med for a while to see if it did improve things. I guess the question I have is why are you doing the EEG and what would result from an a normal test? If I would be denied services or procedures from a normal test I would definitely hold off on tryi g a new med firsst.


Here is a link from topomax website. It does appear to alter some of what goes on in the brain so again, I would be hesitant to start before the EEG.


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My children always had difficulty sleeping as a symptom of strep. I now know that when they suddenly start having trouble sleeping, I check for infection!


Remember, though...if adding a psychotropic med..."go low, go slow" (Dr. Swedo.)


Also, my DS17 has had seizures (not epileptic, but significantly abormal) since he was 8 years old...when he first got sick. He is on seizure meds (lamictal and trileptal), and 3 different neurologists have said that they do believe that the seizures are related to the PANS. Just keep that in mind. But, these are neurologists who are familiar with PANS.

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