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A few people asked for the link to this company that will formulate a supplement to your specific needs.



I've not used this company, so can't vouch for it. But someone on the Pandas Parents FB page uses them. As far as I can tell, there's a base fee built into the cost of each capsule. So even if you order a capsule that has only one ingredient, it may still be more than $1/day due to the base fee. Adding many ingredients has only a small to medium impact on the overall cost (depending on how expensive that particular ingredient is - B vitamins tend to be cheap, things like CoQ10 tend to be expensive).


They do not offer methylfolate, so you'd need to supplement that separately.


If I only had one child who needed a custom blend, this might be an attractive option - only taking 4-6 capsules instead of a dozen separate supplements. But there are 4 of us who need different blends, so it's far cheaper to take separate pills in our case. So I haven't used them and can't comment on their quality, service etc. There may be other companies that are cheaper - I haven't pursued the research on it. But pass it along for those who may find this an affordable option.

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