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I have asked some questions in another group i'm a part of but thought i'd ask here too.


Does anyone use Digestive Enzymes for their kids? I keep seeing them mentioned when i read about gut issues as well as for Pyroluria. Wondering if they will be benificial for DS 6, I will talk to our bio Dr but next phone consult is not until October.


We've done anti candida diet, anti fungal, on probiotics etc, eating much better than he used to but he just doesn't seem to put on weight. I can tell he has finally formed some muscle tone in his legs which i'm guessing is due to him now eating protein etc but i just can't seem to get his weight up....He's always been small.


Would they be beneficial and are there any side effects or anything to worry about and what have others used?



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have you considered rather incorporating foods that are rich in digestive enzymes eg extra virgin olive oil, raw honey, grapes, figs and many tropical fruits including avocados, dates, bananas, papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango.

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Thanks Chemar he does have almost all of those foods and i didn't realise they help so i might just have to try getting him to have more of them. I was worried because he was looking really thin the last few weeks but i realised and took a photo of him and his sister back to back (he normally is only about an inch taller than her and she is 2 years younger) and he is a full half a head taller than her now so i'm assuming he had a growth spurt hence why he is looking thinner! He weights 18kgs the same as her though....

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