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HI everyone,

we are looking at going the whole hog and trying the GAPS diet for a while. We have read the book and watched a talk online with Dr Natasha and it just makes so much sense that even if it doesnt help TS it would have to be highly beneficial for many other health complaints - my husband has suffered from 'IBS' all his life of ranging severity at different stages but has never been diagnosed with anything particular. He elminates dairy and most processed food and keeps things at bay a lot of the time, but will have flare ups for no obvious reason. This as well as our sons tics and many other lower level health issues in the family motivate us to try GAPS.

It seems like A LOT of work and a huge amount of restriction for the period it is being followed- which is usually quite a lengthy time.

I am just perplexed as to why we dont hear/read more on GAPS helping TS ? if you read about GAPS it has treated and in many cases completely reversed the symptoms of many other physiological/pyschological conditions - depression, autism, ADHD, arthritis, asthma - you name it. TS doesnt seem to get mentioned much and when I search there are very few mentions of it being used by TS sufferers.


does anyone know any more about this ? has anyone tried it or know anyone that has ?
We are really keen but it would be nice to hear even one case where it helped somewhat ??


thanks all...

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Sorry can't be of help.


I fully believe in a brain-gut connection,

but tend to avoid these kinds of diets as I believe in a more balanced, individual specific nutrition program. These kinds of fad diets tend to put everyone in the same box I think...but then I confess I don't know much about GAPS and it may be very different. I don't think I have seen it discussed here before, at least not on this forum.

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I've read the book and am a firm believer ... anecdotally at least. I would love to try it but would need my ex to be on board 100%, which is quite a sell at this point. Fortunately his tics have been manageable ... perhaps at some point we can give it a try.


I think all parents should read the book, it does an excellent job explaining how the gut, the immune system, and the nervous system are connected ... knowledge that is extremely important when making health decisions.

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thanks for the replies, I will let you know how it goes. A LOT of work and research involved - now that we have made a start the full extent of it has become evident. It is quite overwhelming. Since starting we have read elsewhere that almond/almond flour can be detrimental to conditions such as TS and other neurological conditions. Given it is a HUGE part of GAPS we need to look at this a little more.

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