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Can someone proof read a letter to Dr. N. at NYU for me?

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I was just looking over your DD's list of symptoms, and noticed that it was positive for bartonella (which is what I was going to suggest you check). Did you completely treat for that? Also, did she test positive for mycoP? The reason I ask is that she sounds remarkably like my DS, who was positive for both (actually the mycoP was "only" high in IgG, but I had the high IgM, and everytime my IgM went up, his IgG would skyrocket, which meant that he had it, too. My DS has had all the same symptoms you list, but we really started getting more solid gains when we started ART and homeopathy.


So, here's my suggestion (and it's only my personal opinion.) If you haven't already tried ART or homeopathy, I would do it. The thing with ART is that, although we have found much more expensive, they do take you through step by step, so the herxing was way less severe for us. Also, ART can tell you what you've actually got. But, that being said, homeopathy also works really well if done right. PM me, and I will give you considerably more of my personal opinion.


Not that I don't think Dr. N. is wonderful, but from personal opinion, I think there may be other things you can do.

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