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What happened to not posting doctor's names

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It used to be the rule on this forum that doctors' full names should not be posted. Instead, we usually refer to docs by their initials and their location - like "Dr. G in North Carolina." Most likely most of us that have been around this forum for awhile will know who you are talking about.


I have seen many recent posts with doctor's full names being listed - especially in the topic title.


We owe it to our treating docs to use more discretion. Many docs treating Lyme and PANDAS are taking risks to treat patients with protocols outside of standard practices of treatment. Some docs have even lost their licenses for taking such risks.


Please be mindful of this when you are inquiring about a particular practitioner.

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there is no "official" rule here about mentioning a doctor by name if it is to give someone help who is seeking a physician, to comment on a helpful appointment or to talk about research etc etc. That is of course provided the doctor is ok with their info being shared! and as you mention, some may prefer not to have their treatment protocol discussed publicly so that they can continue to help patients....


We do ask that initials be used if there are negative critiques etc, and then we actually prefer that be handled in private messages rather than on the forum. There are other sites where one can leave critiques of doctors and as different people here may have different experiences with physicians, we show respect to all by asking that any negative commentary rather be handled privately or by only using initials.

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I fully agree with mdmom - this is a very imortant point. There is a hidden war going on against doctors who diagnose and treat outside the AMA/IDSA/insurance company box. PANDAS, Lyme, and integrative doctors all fit in that category. Please protect your doctors and only use initials/locations. One of our Lyme doctors has the state health department after him now, and he is a responsible doctor who has saved many lives. This is REAL.

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