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Improvement eliminating dairy


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So I removed dairy last Friday (we have been gluten and corn free for 3 months already) and within 24 hours my son's tics reduced dramatically. They stayed that way for 4 days and I noticed a slight increase on the 5th day. I re-examined his diet and realized that one of the items he was eating had dairy in it!! So I removed that too and his tics are at an all time low! Vocals are almost gone and motors are very low and low inensity.


I feel like we are making good progress. He is still on 1200mgs of NAC daily, methyl B complex, glutamine and probiotic daily too. We are low sugar and i am beginning to make home made snacks and remove all processed food from the diet. As it is, the processed food he does eat is organic with as little ingredients as possible.


His eating habit have changed as well. He is eating all kinds of new foods such as salmon, grilled chicken, veggies, turkey breast etc. I am so happy with these changes and its only been 3 and a half months.


its amazing how the body has the ability to heal itself. i just hope things continue on this path.

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I'm glad you're seeing such success! Even though we're realizing now that there is some genetics at work with my son and his tics, dairy makes a huge difference for him. When we eliminated it, his life became better. And my son has also been willing to try new foods as well.



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