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Elephant autoimmune disease getting more media than kids

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I just saw that an elephant at our local zoo is suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder. They spent at lease 2 minutes on the broadcast.


Back two months ago when we had a pandas walk to raise awareness, not one media outlet returned a call to our organizers, but we can have a report on an elephant.


I am shocked that this world cannot see what pandas is and does to our children. Not even to give any attention is so frustrating.



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Well I did call this afternoon but was told the usual routine. They cannot always attend events and are short staffed on the weekends. He did not remember any such walk, meanwhile I did not tell him specifically and he did not ask. Like I said, the usual routine. He did not even address the elephant story.


What can you do? This is why us parents are so frustrated, no one listens and wants to help.

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