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Hey all.

I'm doing well! Still in college, working, getting some of my writing published. Been feeling pretty good.

School is starting in a month and last year I had to go back on antibiotics twice during the school year. I go to a school where there is a large day care/early childhood education program and it seems strep is rampant even in the adult student population. I really don't want to go back on them again this year if I don't have to, so I thought I'd try Olive Leaf Extract.

I had taken it before in high school before I knew I even had PANDAS...the naturopath I was seeing at the time felt like there was a good chance of some kind of infection. I actually did feel better on it, but discontinued at her direction with improvements. But while I was taking it I remember feeling very nauseated and belching it all day. Of course at the same time I was suffering from abdominal migraines that were also undiagnosed so it very well may have been my own system causing the problem.

Just wondering if you/your child is able to take OLE without upset stomach? How much are you taking/how often?

Thanks so much!

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Hi Emmalilly -- Glad to hear you're doing so well! Published! Please fill us in when you get a chance!


My DS16 has been taking olive leaf since he came off antibiotics about a year and a half ago; additionally, DH and I started taking it daily also, in an attempt to prevent us from bringing home strep and inadvertently exposing DS.<br /><br />Neither DH or I have experienced a belching or reflux with the olive leaf as a general rule; I can only remember one time that I became aware, after the fact, that I had recently consumed something "very herbal." ;-) DS hasn't complained about it either, and he does have a tendency toward reflux. Full disclosure, however; he's also highly histaminergic, so he takes Pepcid regularly, as well, which helps curb the reflux and may be taming that sort of response to the olive leaf, as well.


I've focused on the olive leaf supplements with the highest concentration of oleuropein that I can find, since that's supposedly the "active ingredient." Recently, we've been using the Roex brand, which I get at the Vitamin Shoppe which claims to have a standardized oleuropein concentration of 17% to 23%. They're tablets of 500 mg. each, and DS takes one in the morning and one at night. The results are, I'll admit, purely anecdotal, but he did not get sick last school year at all, save one cold virus.


Worth, mentioning, too, that he also takes a coconut oil (now just going with the monolaurin -- benefits of coconut oil without all the fat) supplement, which is also supposed to be naturally antibacterial.


All the best to you this school year!

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I am researching other avenues....as everyone does when one avenue ends..


I am interested in any experience with OLE


How old is your child?

What is the dose?

Do you use it as a prophylaxis or as needed?

As an antibacterial, antiviral or anti fungal?

How long have you been on it?

Do you take any meds that do that same thing? i.e. pharmaceutical abx, antiviral, anti fungal.....or does it work well alone


Thank you so much!!

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Hi, answered also by private message. For all interested: I had very good results with OLE and actually think it saved my son (8 at the time with Pans/Pandas). OLE brought him back, he was terribly aggressive, full of tics (still has some), dilated pupils when in rage and confused, etc. Zythromax (10days) only helped to bring back his personality (he had foggy eyes, ticcing from morning to night, confused, regression in handwriting and math, severe rages) but OLE made the rest. Natural Factors, 15% active ingredient, 3x500mg a day for approx 6 months with pauses whenever possible and immediate start if signs of regression. No other medication while taking OLE. Hope this can be of help to someone!

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If you are trying to boost your immune system with olive leaf oil, another good product is Sympiotics Clostrum with olive leaf oil formula. My ds cannot take it because it lowers his blood pressure too much. However there are several good reviews over this product. My son is able to take the Symbiotics Colostrum Plus which has helped him with growth and puberty issues.

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A highly recommended OLE brand is Seagate. Don't have specifics on it but easy enough to google. I buy when they have a sale like a BOGO and free shipping. My oldest is transitioning off of abx for Lyme and onto all herbals now that he is symptom free for 6 months. No PANS with him.

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When we first started on OLE years ago, the physician told us to be sure to stay well hydrated as it tends to dehydrate one. I guess nausea etc could result from not having sufficient water with it? Just a thought....

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