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Coming off prozac...mood issues

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My dd13 was on Prozac 10mg/day from 2008 until fall of 2012.


Other treatments included Azith 250mg/day and 3 HD IVIGs. She still takes Azith, her last IVIG was 2 years ago.


We tried to wean her off Prozac several times before fall of 2012. We would do it slowly, for example decrease from 10mg to 5mg over a month. By the time we would hit 5mg, gee, we'd be ready to put her back on!! Her anxiety would spike, she'd get very irritable, etc etc. So, back to 10mg she would go.


Finally last fall, we were able to wean her off without things falling apart!! Yeah! Our psych took that as a sign that she might be outgrowing pandas. She's about 90% (mild OCD in certain situations, some anxiety in certain situations), but overall good. Can't say she was any worse off the Prozac once we finally weaned her.


I should add that Prozac does have other properties aside from just being a "psych drug", so maybe that is why if helps some kids. Dr. T posted something on FB a while back about Prozac having anti viral properties. Dr. Murphy has a new paper out http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3494283/#!po=1.91257

and the anti- inflammatory properties of Prozac are mentioned (also discusses immune mod properties of antibiotics.)

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Is it wrong to say I wish an SSRI helped my dd? I think that does sound wrong. Sorry, but after hearing OCD around American Girl dolls all summer, I am really glad school is starting tomorrow.

I can't remember which SSRI we tried, it was last Spring, and it had the completely opposite effect-

old, scary OCD issues I hadn't heard in years came back,

like a dog coming through her bedroom window, and a character out of a K book called 'stripey girl' (*shudder*)

Took her off, didn't hear of those things again.

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S&S yup, SSRI's don't help many PANDAS kids. I think it is so individual and depends on the kid and the SSRI. Lexapro was bad for us (side effects) although it did help the OCD in some respects. It's really important to keep doses low as well.

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I haven't started him back up on it yet and he is doing better this week. Everything seems dialed down a bit. So as long as he is doing better I am not ready to put him back o. By doing better I just mean not so many rages, OCD not quite as bad, etc. We are also starting lyme treament with another medication (cyst buster) so I want to see how he does with that first.

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