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PANDAS Network.org Newsletter (Awareness Day, IVIG Study Closed, etc)

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For those that may be interested, here's the latest PANDAS Network.org Newsletter. It includes the Story Behind the NY Awareness Day, IVIG study closing, how to donate to Dr. Agalliu's research, etc.


Newsletter link: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/NY-Proclaims-Oct-9th-PANDAS-AWARENESS-DAY--IVIG-Study-Closed----More.html?soid=1103470649803&aid=8PEPnRKbVoQ





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Hi Vicky,

I saw that Madeline Cunningham published something called "Autoimmunity an Infectious Related Risk?" yesterday. Any chance pandas network can get a copy for their site? Here is link to the article( I can't read- not a paying member)



It's got to be her right? I was really hoping for a paper without a question mark at the end.

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