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results from tests with eviro dr

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Just had a phone consult with our eviro dr that i took DS to on June 5th (8 hours from us so we couldnt travel again) and these are some answers i got


Scored 16.6 positive for Pyroluria so he says mild case of this


Strep came back negative in the blood testing


Blood tests showed low iron, DS has always had low iron so he wants me to get a product called ferro liquid DS has been on this before and didn't have any complications back then that i noticed so i hope it doesn't bring on any new tics....


Heavy metals hair analysis showed:


Highly elevated levels of Aluminimum, Lead and Mercury. Dr is most concerned with the lead and mercury as they are highly toxic?


Also raised levels of nikel, silver and tin


^^ this all scares me :(


Action plan he has for DS is continue with zinc suppliment, Adding in a childrens multi called 'multi care' its a powder 1 teaspoon a day. I haven't looked up whats actually in this yet so i hope its ok ingredients as they are sending it too me.


Adding the ferro liquid for iron


Also to start using a glutothione cream? every night on the arch of his foot for ridding the heavy metals. Has anyone used this before? He said his usual treatment for heavy metals is currently unavailable but we can apparently do it using this and other nutriets like the zinc etc.


We are to have another phone consult in 3 months to see how DS is going re: anxiety, general heatlh, tics and we will re do the hair analysis then.


Any thoughts or opinions appreciated, I'm glad i got some answers about his health but am feeling a little overwhelmed :/



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I am a bit pushed for time right now, but do a search on heavy metal toxicity here and you will find a lot of info on how it can be a major cause of tics and other neuro problems.


My son was high mercury, (believed leeched from my then many existent mercury fillings while pregnant) and we both used chlorella chelation.


Be wary of ALA (alpha lipoic acid) as although it is an excellent mercury binder, it crosses the BBB and so can actually carry bound mercury into the brain! We were told it should only be used once the initial levels were mopped up in other ways. Not sure what your doctor's "usual treatment" for heavy metals is that is unavailable?? There are likely many new treatments available now.


We also had acupunture and biofeedback treatment to assist in the detox process along with excellent holistic remedies called AntiTox (I forget the manufacturer now...this was almost 14 years ago!)

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Chemar is that what glutathione cream is ALA?


I'm worried about using it now especially on a 6 year old. The testing was done over 4 weeks ago so do you think his levels would have dropped since then as we have been giving him zinc for the 4 weeks since and continueing with epsom salt baths etc.


Is Chlorella chelation something i can do on my own for him first to be safer? I don't know what his usual treatment is either.


I def don't want any Mercury going to his brain :(

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No...glutathione has nothing to do with ALA (alpha liopoic acid) and many seem to have used glutathione here successfully

I have no personal experience with it.


I mentioned the ALA as I am shocked to see how many people talk of using it to remove mercury and assume they were not givgen the warnings our Integrative doc gave us about it!


Chlorella comes as a supplement and available at most health stores. If you use it, start at a very low dose as it can cause a bit of nausea initially. Can't hurt to ask your doctor about it first though!

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