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CBT treatment - in-patient or extensive in Westchester?

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You may want to try cognitive behavioral consultants of Westchester in white plains to see what they offer. We had a very good experience with them but I am not sure what they offer in regards to intensive treatment. Edited: sorry I didn't realize this was the same poster so I had posted this already

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Rogers memorial is not close (wisconsin), but great inpt cbt.

USF is not close (st petersburg), but great intensive outpt.


I would like submit, humbly, based on out experience and many others, whose children are severely affected by this:

If she is dealing with an infection or autoimmune process that is causing this, medical tx must be first and foremost. You would be wasting the effort, as CBT requires control on her part. At its worst, PANDAS/PANS is completely out of their control.

Please call Or email Dr Swedo ASAP.

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