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Is you son on IV antibiotics, or just the oral?


I second trying to increase antiinflamatory. Have you tried Advil for 2 days every 4-6 hours? Not that you can do that long term, but some here have found it helpful( but, I personally only think that works if person is not already in severe exacerbation...and sounds like your son is righ now) also - may not want to try that at same time as some if the herbs, and it check for any interactions.

Let us know if something helps- I hope you find something soon.

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He was on IV rocephin back in 2010 but his WBC was too low so had to go off. Then a year later was put on IV Doxy for 9 months but other than that all orals.


I gave him 3 advils a couple of hours ago and I can't believe it...he's quiet, no laughing. I'll give it to him tomorrow 3 - 3x day and see how he is.


I do have Japanese Knotweed that I 've been wanting to try so I'm going to add it to his protocol and see what happens.


Just came back from appt. with LLMD and will keep on current abx: malarone/art for Babesia (numbers coming down nicely - finally). But he also started 3 weeks ago on rifampin/mino/ pulse tindamax for possible bart, will keep on this for a couple of more weeks but then they want us to stop that put on parasite protocol for 7 days to see if any change.


The reason: i've been stopping the rifampin/mino/pulse tindamax on weekends to give DS a break and he actually seems alittle better, more with it, doing more on own so LLMD thinks maybe tindamax hitting parasites. Once we start back up on Mondays he's back to self.


Keeping my fingers crossed that this might be it, will help.


Does anyone know if 7 days is long enough to see a change?


I'll let you all know how it goes.


thanks for all the help

His Mom


oh...yes..was tested for toxo and others, negative

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We found an improvement with herxing on a pulsed protocol (malarone, tindamax, plaquinel, mino, azith) as well. The rest seemed to give DD's body a chance to detox in between hitting the infections with abx. Our pulses were only 3 days though, Friday, Satruday, Sunday. I found that her herxing would ramp up on Friday evening, but by Monday everything would have evened out again for school. We found that as we continued with pulsing, we would not be getting the large herxes that we saw in the beginning.


Before that we had tried a continuous protocol while only pulsing tindamax on the weekends. She would herx with the tindamax, but not really get back down to a baseline by the next Friday, so as a result there was an overall escalation of symptoms. That turned into quite a mess.


If you try knotweed, do make sure you are giving enough. We are using close to 1/2 tsp 3x daily, and find that 1/4 tsp 3x daily isn't quite enough.

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Hi RowingMom,


thanks...yes, the pulsing does seem to work better, maybe we'll go down to 4 on/3 off and see if that is even better.


I had already bought the Green Botanicals Japanese Knotweed in capsules...I believe the dosage is 3 pills/3x day...is that enough you think?


Those are for inflammation, yes? Read it was really good for the brain.

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I have ordered the Japanese Knotweed, and Cordyceps. They havent come in yet so we havent started. I am concerned about some of the tinctures that Bruhner recommends because of the taste. My daughter absolutely will not take any liquids that have a taste, not even mixed in with a drink. She will take capsules so I am limited on what I can use. Rowingmom, what has been your experience with the taste on some of the tincture? So glad to hear about your experience.



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