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Hi. So my 11 year old son had the full set of dpt vaccines, the last one was in 2007. This past Friday evening (it's Sunday night now) he stepped on a rusty nail. It didn't break the skin, didnt bleed (although I've read that bleeding is good with tetanus) but it did seen to go under the first layer of thick heel skin and it almost looks stained by rust, almost like a rust splinter...but very small, maybe the size of a pinky nail clipping. I've read that as long as he's had a tetanus shot within the last ten years, he should be fine, but other research says five years...and now I'm worried and feel I must take him to the doctor Monday morning while we're still within the 72 hour post injury window. Thing is, my son has motor tics and add inattentive type, and I know they're going to give him a vaccine and I'm scared. He needs another one for middle school anyway. I was going to do titers but I don't have time for that now. Thoughts?

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I have always heard 10 years for tetanus? Can you call your doctor's office and see what they suggest?


My son had to have one when he entered middle school and as much as I am concerned about vaccines, it did not seem to have any negative impact on his tics.

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