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Dangerously low WBC with Babesia

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My DS15 never has a normal WBC. LLMD thinks it's a combination of things: overload of infections, autoimmunity (PANS) and Babesia, which suppresses WBC production. His levels usually hover around 2.0. Family doc is urging us to see a hematologist but I know the hematologist will blame long-term antibiotic use.


Last week his WBC dipped to 1.1 with a neutrophil count of 200. Yikes!


Has anyone else experienced this with their child? Our LLMD expects this issue to resolve once he combats Babesia.

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This happened to dd3 from a severe reaction to bactrim. It came back to close to normal afew days after we stopped. Personally I would consider trying a hematologist. Maybe there is something else at work? Our immunologist told me ANC under 500 kid cannot have contact with others due to risk of infection.

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