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Compulsive Lying

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Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the right forum to post on but we shall see.

I have recently discovered my son(10) has Tourettes and have been finding out about it all and trying various things and then recently like a bolt from the blue I discovered that another very close relative (adult and elderly) is a compulsive liar and has been making up amazing and fantastical stories for years that have fooled a lot of people. I have confronted the person and they had to admit it in the light of definite proof I was able to present but he reverts so quickly to the lying ...it is fascinating really as it is so reflexive and immediate although extremely disconcerting.

Well, I am wondering if this could be a symptom of Tourettes too and if anyone out there has any similar experiences to report ......i.e. is pathological lying ever a symtom of Tourettes??

Thanks and eagerly await any replies.

Scottish Nessie

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hi Nessie :)

I have never heard of lying being considered a symptom of TS.....however, compulsive lying as well as compulsive truthfulness do occur with OCD and OCD can be a co-morbid issue with TS or can exhibit in some family members while TS tics may manifest in others


so, i would think this relative lies compusively more related to OCD than TS



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