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ds9 is doing quite well, so just a bit of humor. . .


ds11 is at a camp this week of doing fun things...swimming, movies, laser tag, bowling, amusement park. ds9 is sad he's not going to all those places, too. this morning he whines, "you have to think about me". I just looked at him and said, "omg -- my life is thinking about you!" :)

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So true! It consumes my life as well. Accommodating them, scheduling them, researching, doctors appointments, worry- its exhausting.


Once when DS was being demanding and unaporeciative, I pointed out all the time and expense and work I do for him. He told me it was my job and- imagine what would happen to him if I didn't do that. (He yelled this at me).


It was not said in a greatful way, but at least he aknowledged the sacrifices I've made are helpful to him!


You are not alone!

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Oh Smarty, can we relate! :lol:


A few months ago, DS had a friend over for dinner, so I pulled him aside and asked him if he'd like me to put his little bowl full of supplements, etc. in the kitchen and let him take them there, rather than putting them out by his dinner plate as we typically do. When he asked me why, I told him I thought maybe he didn't want his friend to think it was odd, him taking all those pills. To which he replied, "Oh, he won't care! I thought maybe you wanted me to take them in here so he wouldn't think YOU were crazy, giving all of those to me!"


Hah! I was tempted to remind DS just how crazy HE acted, before he started taking all those pills and capsules! <_<

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