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So DS15 was in a great mood after being stuck in the bathroom for 15 hours last night. Lately he has had a sense of humor and been a pleasure to be with. He is still stuck with severe OCD, but he seems more himself.


The downside is that he has been ticcing and having chereoform movements almost non stop. Why is there more ticcing stuff all of a sudden?


We are working on hopefully getting PEX for next week since DS has been non functional since January.


What is going on??




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The triggers for my daughter were pretty much as follows, but always included a positive rapid strep test and /or culture. Titers never rose.


1st time....strep. (treated with Zithromax) took several weeks...maybe 6 to resolve.

2nd time....strep, also had received meningitis vaccine about 3 days before major episode of chorea. first treated with Suprax, then clindamycin and massive steroid burst. improvement within 48 hours. faded prednisone over the course of about 5 or 6 weeks.


3rd time post tonsillectomy after stopping abx 10 days after surgery....treated with biaxin (had to stop due to gastro issues, then clindamycin and Medrol.) significant improvement, but never fully resolved. did pex about 2 mos. later. Excellent results from PEX.


She was diagnosed with both Pandas and Sydenham's


There were a few other bouts in between, but these were the major ones that left her unable to walk etc.

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Have you checked for yeast? Our son had toxic levels of Candida Glabrada. Our 3rd major flare came with terrible tics, couldn't put 2 words together - cause was Coxsackie. Our 1st flare however had the body movements after the sudden dysfunction (before we knew about PANDAS). And this led to sydenhyms cohrea.


The Valtrex and now acyclovir is slowly improving the tics. I DO know about the "long bathroom" issues-so sad. I hate that one. And the new one for our DS13 is hard for me to know how to advise. He asks "how do I know if I am bisexual or it's OCD?" With all the different OCD he's had over these last 3 years, how do you discriminate and councel?

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He had been taken off Diflucan three+ weeks ago, so I added it back as a test to see if it helps.


What is interesting is that I haven't seen the finger tic since the choreaform movements got worse.



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