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Cordyceps - anyone tried this?

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I've read Stephen Bruhner's Co-infection book twice now (the one on mycoplasma and bartonella). And I'm trying to decide which herbs will be good ones to start with DS. Most of the herbs have many, many actions. And he recommends LOTs of them.


Coryceps is one of the primary ones mentioned in his book. So, I did a little googling, and saw a couple articles (not scholarly) that said not to use it if you have auto immune disorders (odd, since it is according to the book, immune modulating) .


Then, digging deeper, you can see that it has properties that both suppress and stimulate the immune system (scholarly articles). One of its constituents has been isolated and was 2012 "miracle drug of the year for MS".


It's that old conundrum, boost his immune system, or suppress his immune system. This herb does a bit of both apparently.


Anyone have an experience with it?

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Yes, I am currently on it- don't know if this will help, but I do 'like' it- liked everything I read about it, building ones own immune system.

I am taking a tincture, along with some other herbs, in a little pure pomegranate juice, knock it back, masks the flavor.

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I bought some capsules. S S - are u using it to treat yourself for Lyme or MycoP or other immune issue? Are you using other herbs in his protocol along withit?


I'm esspecially wondering if any pandas kids have had increase or decrease of pandas symptoms with it.

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My opinion, FWIW, is Cordyceps wouldn't 'trigger' a flair-

Now, if combined with Buhner's other herbs, say the protocol for Bartonella, there may be some die off, if infection is still present.


I am doing the Buhner Bart protocol outlined in his new book- I think it's been a good 30 days now-

While I have made significant gains from Lyme and Bart treatment (which I both tested positive) with antibiotic LLMD treatments,

and did various Byron White and other tinctures at that time period,

I went off all treatments last January.

Around May or so, I started having 'stomach attacks' again and more frequently (despite remaining GF), and feeling more mood issues-

wondering if my Bart was re-surfacing- read the Buhner new book, and was very drawn to it-

the explanations and methodology.

I am also working on adrenal health, something rather glaring obvious, what with decades of high stress living, etc. that never has been addressed.

Yes, I feel the Buhner protocol is releasing more Bart- I have more peace internally, my stomach issues are better-

I can feel it working.

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Thanks S & S. I just bought a number of duos in addition to the Cordyceps.


In more drawn to the immune tonics, and stopping the cytokine cascade than the actual killing off of bacteria. We've done a lot of killing off, I'm looking for things to build back up now, and I was surprised to see how much research there is for so many of the herbs/supplements mentioned in his book on immune response.

I'm thinking of contacting a doctor of TCM or herbalist or naturopath for help. I'm going to start with Cordyceps and add in a couple other protective and mine regulating herbs and see what happens. I just hate to drag DS to yet another new doctor.

Thanks again for posting your experience.

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DD14 uses cordyceps (1/4 tsp 3x daily), with no autoimmune or herxing issues. As with any herb, start slowly (maybe 1/8 tsp) and gradually increase if there are no negative (or herx) reactions.


I was hesitant to start it at first because I saw some mention of lead contamination. But that was from the lead wires placed in the bodies of the harvested caterpillers (to increase weight and thus price). The brand we use is grown on rice.


Lyme, bartonella and babesia are so immune suppressive that any treatment protocol needs to include immune support in my opinion.

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