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Can someone help me understand why titers rose while on Zithro?

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I am just a little confused as to what it means that, although our son is doing very well on Zithro, they did a recent check of titers and they have increased instead of fallen....His OCD and other behaviors have almost disappeared so we are so happy with that but I don't know why the titers went up.




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Hello!. His AntiDNase went up. Our son's behaviors started last October, but by the time we got in to see a specialist it was December. AntiDNase titers were 700 at that time (Doctor said they were probably in the 2000 range in October). So in December, titers were 700, then in February they were 500, then in April they were 450. They didn't drop much but there was definitely a decrease each time until now. In June, they went to 490- not a significant rise but he is on azithromycin so I am not sure why they would rise at all???? I am referring to AntiDNase titers for all tests.


Thanks for your response!

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That is the mystery we have been dealing with in regards to our DD15 with a constant course of Zith, monthly IVIG, and a fairly high dose and ongoing prednisone.


While on the above, DD's titers continued to climb and for that matter, soar.


I believe that once my daughter's antibodies began to fire off with her one and only known strep outbreak, her bone marrow started an uncontrolled and unending production of antibodies, that after that first exposure, had nothing to do with the strep. It essentially became an unbroken cycle that could not be stopped even when the bacteria was no longer present.


After months, we finally have her titers significantly coming down and her condition slowly improving with the addition of Cellcept to her protocol of monthly IVIG and daily prednisone. Read up on Cellcept. It is a hefty medication with significant possible side effects. My hope is that we have broken the cycle of antibody production (and maturation in the thymus if it is still functioning since she is post adolescence).

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Remember that the dnase titers are supposed to rise after an infection. Some normal children will see this increased for up to a year after an infection. How are the ASO doing? That is more indicative of a current infection. Also were the same labs used both times? And how far apart? We don't test more than once per month.

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