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Blood work back. Could this be why she is up around the clock?

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You don't think it could be herpes in brain keeping her up? The reason I ask is that recently I gave high dose lysine and it REALLY helped with sleep. She also got pimples all over her body from it. Someone said it could be virus coming out. I also hear that mental illness could be caused by herpes. I stopped the lysine because she was so mean on it. I had herpes on my lip all my life. Perhaps there is something to this???? With all her psychiatric symptoms, I have always wondered about herpes???

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My daughter's HHV-6 and coxsackie (etc...............) are quite high, but she only has trouble sleeping when she has high yeast in the gut. Her gut yeast is under control right now, and she is sleeping normally right now. It would be easier if this was a one size fits all presentation.

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Our children have several TBI chronic infections and viruses including HHV6, Coxsackies all three strains and EBV. We have one child that had difficulty falling asleep (melatonin and magnesium helped put him to sleep), night waking with often night terrors, nightmares, sleep walking and early waking. The early waking was ongoing for the last two years and occasionally he still sleep walks. For us it was the 'combo' of bacterial load, viral load BUT predominately HEAVY METALS that has caused his symptoms. We have been doing chelation cycles with him since April and he is now sleeping from 7:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and he just turned 6. He has been treated for Lyme et al 'chronic infection' since he was 3 1/2 years old.


However, if your child does have a heavy metals issue chelation is not something I would recommend until entire bacterial load and viral load is way down. We have been treating chronic viruses from the beginning and titers are just now looking more normal. We do an ongoing rotation of anti-virals mostly herbal remedies. To help start to regulate sleep I would start by looking at vitamin/mineral deficiencies, neurotransmitter issues plus methylation issues. Once the body is function better she will 'start' to sleep better. Get the viral and bacterial load down and she'll sleep even better. 'EVENTUALLY' and if she has heavy metals issue she will want to sleep.


Hope that helps.

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