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Hi All,


I have a friend looking for recommendations for a PANDAS-friendly pediatrician in the Westchester NY area. She has an appt. with Dr. B which is not until October and can't find anyone to give her abx until then. Or, if anyone can recommend a different doc who will likely see her child before October, that information would be welcome.


She's willing to travel but has four children, one of whom is an infant, so her preference would be to find someone more local first if possible.





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What are her major symptoms?

As for testing quickly and giving antibiotics/antivirals she can contact Dr.T. He is good at getting started and will prob see her fairly quickly. I would also try Dr.Schulman in Brooklyn, if she thinks that it is mostly Strep related. There is also Dr.Leckman in New Haven/Yale.




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I live in Westchester county too. I would highly recommend dr nancy O'Hara in Wilton, ct. She works closely with dr b, and is not too far away about 30 minutes for me. She covers pans and immune illnesses. If your friend would like to speak by phone she can pm me. My pediatric group is open to pans/pandas and is in white plains.

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