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Bee Serum reaction - anyone dealt with this?

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DD9 PANS/Lyme (crossing fingers and toes otherwise doing great) was bitten by a bee in her neck at our community pool. Lifeguard removed the stinger and she continued to swim at pool. Came home and complained of severe exhaustion, went to bed at 7 p.m. Called ped who said it was probably adjustment to camp (she is going to art camp so not very active) and swimming. Since then she has been tired/lethargic. Had a mild sniffle. She has not had any real pain but has a small bump at the sting site, it's been about 10 days. I did some googling and found something on a bee venom reaction, its not an allergy per say but an immune reaction to the bee venom. I think the ped will think I am off the deep end if I bring this up. From what I read this seems to go away on its own but wondered if anyone has experienced this. I am thinking this happened because of her still somewhat out of whack immune system. Interested in hearing if anyone else has experienced this.

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That's a very interesting thought. She is pretty loaded up on abx/supps and almost all better (hope I am not jinxing anything) and I don't see much herx anymore but that is entirely plausible. it has been lyme like. i think i will email our lyme doc to ask, i believe he has spent time with klinghardt who i think uses bee venom. Wow maybe this will help!

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