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Reseach on Autism and Deficits in Gut Bacteria

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New study abstract (July 3, 2013) is below. Full research here. Discussion article here.


Reduced Incidence of Prevotella and Other Fermenters in Intestinal Microflora of Autistic Children

High proportions of autistic children suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, implying a link between autism and abnormalities in gut microbial functions. Increasing evidence from recent high-throughput sequencing analyses indicates that disturbances in composition and diversity of gut microbiome are associated with various disease conditions. However, microbiome-level studies on autism are limited and mostly focused on pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, here we aimed to define systemic changes in gut microbiome associated with autism and autism-related GI problems. We recruited 20 neurotypical and 20 autistic children accompanied by a survey of both autistic severity and GI symptoms.


By pyrosequencing the V2/V3 regions in bacterial 16S rDNA from fecal DNA samples, we compared gut microbiomes of GI symptom-free neurotypical children with those of autistic children mostly presenting GI symptoms. Unexpectedly, the presence of autistic symptoms, rather than the severity of GI symptoms, was associated with less diverse gut microbiomes. Further, rigorous statistical tests with multiple testing corrections showed significantly lower abundances of the genera Prevotella,Coprococcus, and unclassified Veillonellaceae in autistic samples. These are intriguingly versatile carbohydrate-degrading and/or fermenting bacteria, suggesting a potential influence of unusual diet patterns observed in autistic children. However, multivariate analyses showed that autism-related changes in both overall diversity and individual genus abundances were correlated with the presence of autistic symptoms but not with their diet patterns. Taken together, autism and accompanying GI symptoms were characterized by distinct and less diverse gut microbial compositions with lower levels of Prevotella, Coprococcus, and unclassified Veillonellaceae.

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Trying to decide how to word this, coming up unable to express my thoughts on this without being politically incorrect.


There is now a vaccine for autistic children to help their 'gut issues'



Science daily reporting this, in the journal titled 'Vaccine.'


Sooooooo. All the mothers with children on the spectrum who went to their Pediatritions and expressed dismay and angst at explosive diarrhea, constipation, severe food restriction, head banging (from pain)

Tried GFCF with results, improvement, tried probiotics, were scoffed at, then

asked for cultures to check for yeast, clostrida, were told no way, this is not an issue.

But now that there is a VACCINE,

we can acknowledge (as in the above article)

that 90% of children on the spectrum have severe gut issues/ dysbiosis.

To this day, NO regular Doctor utters a word about probiotics when they hand over a prescription for antibiotics.

And they won't, until Pharma makes their own probiotic that can be prescibed/ profit.


I'm sorry. I couldn't hold back.

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My daughter, Jessica, had gut dysbiosis that was made worse by consuming the hidden GMOs that are so prevalent in our children's diet. We effected a 95% improvement in her ADHD, tics, OCD and general behavior by using a strict GMO-free diet. Please see the informational website www.SafePlate.net. You may be treating leaking gut, supplementing with probiotics and excluding sensitive foods, but fall short of a breakthrough due to GMO exposure.

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Safeplate I think you are totally right. I have learned that Round up pesticide kills weeds and plants by chelating important minerals. They kill the plants by going after the Shikimitic Pathway. We don't have this pathway but our gut bacteria does!


Also these minerals are important for a multitude of functions in our bodies including uptake of Vitamin D. I don't think it is a mystery that most of our kids are deficient in this essential vitamin and we live in Sunny California!

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