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Who knows how to decipher this stuff, medically speaking? Just wondering if I could see someone local though I've studied it and don't really see much of anything. There were a few sensitive to this medication and 23% risk for gallstones but nothing of much value.


Also said risk of obesity which I find hard to believe as my entire family is too thin actually. Bizarre. Not good to hear when you've had anorexia and bulimia.


Anyways, still trying to find a local PCP but none accept medicaid. There is one NP, female, who treats lyme and CFS and lupus supposedly but not sure if she'd be able to review it or not.



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Check your regular e-mail. My daughter just sent you the info on how to take the raw data from 23andme and run it through genetic genie. LLM from this forum made it easy to understand, and that info is what my daughter is sending you. The geneticgenie is where you find the info you need. We'll help in any way we can.

I'm sure others here who are more experienced will help once you get that info.

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