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Anyone know if the bartonella tests from Quest or Labcorp are reliable, or do we have to go to Igenex?


DS11 tested positive for Bartonella two years ago,and rifampin brought it down. Just wondering if it makes any sense to re-test for it, since there have been some recent posts about it.

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DD11's Bartonella IgG titers where 160 with Igenex when we started treating 2 years ago. They had come down to 80 recently, just when we decided to wean from abx therapy. She continues to do well, 2 months out now, and we are actually seeing more improvement with emotional lability, executive function and energy while continuing with herbal protocols. I would be interested in retesting at some point in the future to see if they have fallen further. Here's hoping! I don't know about Quest or Labcorp. The Igenex bartonella test alone is not all that expensive and I think it would be more meaningful if you kept your testing with the same lab.

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