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Who is using Magnesium for detox?

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All three of my kids showed deficient in Magnesium. We used Spectracell to determine vitamin/mineral deficiencies: Here is a link to a sample report of what and how they are testing.


What dose? 600 m.g. or more

What brand? Calm - Available at Whole Foods

Any side effects/herxing I should look for? We've been using magnesium of so long I don't remember a specific herx but I can imagine one occurring. The nice thing about Calm is its a powder and you can start with a really low dose and work up to full dose.

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My son takes Doctor's Best High Absorption Chelated Magnesium, 4 tablets per day (400 mg. total) for detox, but mostly it helps him sleep at night. If he forgets to take it, he usually doesn't sleep well. His doctor said it is critical that my son get sleep in order to heal, so if the magnesium doesn't work, I give him 1/2 a sleeping pill. He has had to take the sleeping pill only about once a month.

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