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PANS-Friendly Pediatrician in Maryland

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These are the names off the Pandas Network site, I do not know how close Edgewater is to you, but I hope close enough for you to get to them:


  • *Dr. Elizabeth Latimer (Leading PANDAS Physician)
    Bethesda, MD
  • *Dr. Azim Baig
    Edgewater, MD
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I dont know if it helps, but the doctor who first clued us in to PANDAS is in Bethesda, Dr. Karin Belsito. She is a developmental pediatrician with Pediatric Care Center in Bethesda. She suspected our child had pandas and tested and treated him for the condition for a few months, but did not feel comfortable with long term antibiotics when his symptoms waned, so she referred us to Latimer.

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Dr. Beals in Stevensville, MD is awesome:) We see him primarily for Lyme treatment (drive all the way from Michigan once year to see him and do phone consults every couple of months for refills), but, he is very knowledgeable/open to pandas and very reasonably priced. Although, I wouldn't call him an expert (he is a lyme expert vs. pandas/pans), he is open to it and is very open to Rx'ing antibiotics/running bloodwork.

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