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My son is not Autistic but has had PANDAS and when in a flare appears to be Autistic. His stomach has been a problem since day one, with horrible reflux, low stomach acid, treated yeast........ He ate gluten, carbs, and sugars with no problem as a small child but after PANDAS hit hard and I believe a virus of some sort too, after going off gluten, most carbs and sugar, my son finds now that he has a lot of anger, HORRIBLE brain fog, and if he eats those offending substances, it all gets 20 times worse. Did the yeast free diet for agfes with Duflican, he can't have yeast anymore. No antibiotics in ages and tons of probiotics. I just think it's something else and we need to step it up a notch. He does have a weakened immune system and had a pos. ANA panel. Trying to get our next step. I don't have insurance so this will be out of pocket. How badly will it hurt for a mom who lost her business to PANDAS...?

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My son presents with the same GI issues you describe since Pandas derailed his life. Krigsmen treats with steroids for about 6 months with both prednisone and entecort . Then rotates flagyl and diflucan and then cipro . I have contacted a lot of families that he helped the children but I can't come up with money to see him . He will want to scope your child and the total cost to get treatment started is close to 20k. Dr. Buie will take insurance if you can travel to MA.

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