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how long a course of antibiotics for treating mycoplasma?

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Mine recheck when I ask. They tend to know far less about mycoP than strep or pandas, so you will probably be promoting them for treatment and tests based upon your own research.

An LLMD will know much more, as it is a confection common of yme, but u don't need lyme,to have it. A regular,doc will probably only know about typical mycoP- infection of lungs walking pneumonia, nbut won't have any idea what to do about chronic mycoP, without bronchial symptoms.

As for how long, there isn't much research on this, Gsrth Nicolson did ,ajoriy of it. Here is excerpt from one of his studies . DS was on and of - but mostly on Doryx for,a year.

This is older quote, and he recommend Doxy moe highly. my DS was on azith, and his titter still climbed significantly until,we went on Doxy.


The recommended treatments for mycoplasmal blood infections require long-term antibiotic therapy, usually multiple 6-week cycles of doxycycline (200-300 mg/day), ciprofloxacin or Cipro (1,500 mg/day), azithromycin or Zithromax (500 mg/day) or clarithromycin or Biaxin (750-1,000 mg/day).34 Multiple cycles are required, because few patients recover after only a few cycles,26, 27 possibly because of the intracellular locations of mycoplasmas like M. fermentans and M. penetrans, and the slow-growing nature of these microorganisms. For example, 87 GWI patients that tested positive for mycoplasmal infections were treated with antibiotics. All patients relapsed after the first 6-week cycle of therapy, but after up to 6 cycles of therapy 69/87 patients recovered and returned to active duty.26, 27 The clinical responses that are seen are not due to placebo effects, because administration of some antibiotics, such as penicillins, resulted in patients becoming more not less symptomatic, and they are not due to immunosuppressive effects that can occur with some of the recommended antibiotics.

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I do not know. I did have to take my son OFF doxy to give him penicillin for a gum infection a year ago. They are not supposed to be given together. One is for anaerobic microbes, the other aerobic microbes (or something like that) - and they counteract each other.


It could have something to do with that.

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As I'm sure you know, Mycoplasma is very difficult to get rid of. We treated my daughter for two years before her Myco titers came down to the normal range. What really started to make a difference was when we started to see an LLMD and she started her on combo antibiotics. We tested titers every 4-6 months. The last time we tested, her IgM titers were in the high normal range but her IgG titers were still elevated. She is still being treated for Lyme and Bartonella so that theoretically covers myco also. I'm not convinced the myco is completely gone because of a dry hacking cough that has shown back up this past month. If I were you I would try to find an LLMD to treat if possible. Best of luck.



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