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Results back and I'm LOST!

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Happy Monday Everyone!

So our data is in from 23andme....and I have no idea what I'm looking at! Can someone give me a quick tutorial of where I should even begin looking?

I'm completely overwhelmed!!! It all seems like great information but I am not seeing where people are finding out what thier kiddos might need regarding suplements and that sort of thing....I wish I could blame it on Monday morning but I've been looking at it since last week.....


Thanks in advance! Kathy

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Step 1. Take your 23andMe raw data (pull down menu on the left when you're logged in). Download the zipped data file onto your hard drive.


Step 2. Then go to the website www.geneticgenie.org and upload your data thru the app (very easy to do). Your data won't be stored on the app server. In a matter of seconds, the genes involved in the methylation cycle will be run thru the app and you'll get a report showing you which mutations of yours are normal (shown in green), heterozygous (shown in yellow) or homozygous (shown in red). Print this report out or do a print screen to save it into a file.


Step 3. Go to this website http://www.heartfixe...trigenomics.htm and copy the entire document (50 pgs) into Word. Then in the Word document, delete all the fluff at the back - the recipes, the specific advice to the guy this report was written for, etc. Then delete all the sections that talk about genes that are normal for you. This will leave you with a 10-20 page document that talks about only the genes you have issues with. From there, you can read through it (several times) and get a feel for what sort of supplements and/or diet changes will help you.


The 23andMe site is mildly helpful for it's reports on your general health risks. I find it helpful to go to its "browse raw data" section to look up genes as I come across them in my research. But for the methylation piece, genetic genie is what you have to use. It gives you the same report that you'd get by doing Amy Yasko's testing, except 23andMe does not test for the same NOS3 mutations she does and it doesn't test SUOX like she does. Still, once you have your genetic genie report, you can then go to Yasko's site and download her book for free http://www.dramyyask...pdf_02_file.pdf and read the sections that pertain to you.


**edit - my original post listed geneticgenie.com - it's actually geneticgenie.ORG. I fixed it and made it a link to the right site.

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OH thank you SOOO much! I knew someone would know exactly what to do! So in a quick glance DD does have the mutation +/+ for MTHFR C677....are we finding this pretty common with our PANDAS kids? I've tried a few supplements for her with little or no success but that was just based on other people's suggestions. I will look into what might help based on her 23andme results. This is really all fascinating....I'd love to take a week off from work and go through every little detail....Thanks again for the links, they all were very helpful!!


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Glad they helped. You'll be amazed as you put the pieces together in the coming weeks. For the MTHFR, I'd suggest starting out with this product http://www.holisticheal.com/methylmate-b-nutritional-supplement.html It allows you to use drops (ea. drop approx 67mcg of methylfolate). We use a medicine cup (the kind that comes with liquid medicine) and put 5ml water into the cup, then add one drop of methylmate. It turns out my DD (+/- MTHFR C677T) only needs 1 drop every other day. That's her sweet spot at her size and with her diet and combo of mutations. I could never give her that low a dose in a pill form. So I'd suggest using the drops to titer up until you find the right dose. If you give drops and moods get better but then get worse, you may have gone too high. The drops allow you better control. Then once you've zeroed in on dose, you can look for a pill in that dosage.



(FWIW - my Pandas/Lyme son does not have MTHFR issues. My maybe? Pans DD does. Since 45% of the population is suspected of having an MTHFR mutation, I don't think it's tied to Pandas, tho it certainly contributed to my DDs mood swings!).

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This is really fascinating information....overwhelming yes but fascinating!! I thought I'd put her info out there to see if anyone else with similar PANDAS issues had the same...I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to really dig into the research...








Are there any Dr's besides Dr Yasko who will review your results and recommend supplements, especially for kids? It looks like Dr. Yasko is very booked up and I assume that we would need to order her lab work rather than the 23 and me?


Onward into research land!!!

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