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DS-20 in open heart surgery right now

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Came home yesterday. Has had a few flares...not looking forward to that part, but he's definitely doing better. Have a busy day of getting tested for h-pylori (suspected prior to surgery), home care

Surgery's over. He had the valve replaced, and I have a sample to test for bartonella. Apparently they aren't culturing it here for strep and other infections...my understanding was that that was the role of sending it off to pathology. So, now I'm at least trying to get them to look carefully at it to see if it looks like there was still active infection. So frustrating...the surgeon just doesn't get it.

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Thinking of you and your son. Glad the surgery went well. I hope you'll get the info you need from the sample, and he'll havea speedy recovery.


Sending good, healing vibes, and lots of support and friendship your way.

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