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DS-20 in open heart surgery right now

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Need lots of prayers. Getting aortic valve repaired (hopefully) or replaced, and also bypass of one of the arteries that grew on the right side (should have been on the left.) I have already sent in a triple-draw blood test (over a 5 day period) for bartonella, and the surgeon has the test kit for a tissue sample if the valve is actually replaced. I have also asked that they test for rheum. fever. The surgeon kept arguing with me this a.m. that if he had a "hx" of the 2 infections, it won't show up anymore in tissue sample, because the infection is gone. I tried to explain that we need to find out if it wasn't successfully treated, and so is still there, but my son got upset, and yelled at me to just stop discussing it. At any rate, the surgeon had me give the kit to the OR nurse, who was way more interested. She hadn't heard of bartonella, but had heard of cat scratch fever.


It's going to be a long day of waiting here.

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Came home yesterday. Has had a few flares...not looking forward to that part, but he's definitely doing better. Have a busy day of getting tested for h-pylori (suspected prior to surgery), home care

I also wanted to mention that my husband's best friend had rheumatic fever as a child and had to have open heart surgery a few years ago. He was in his early 40's and came through it very well. If he can do it, your son will be fine, I have no doubt.

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I am not kidding you when I tell you that I was just thinking about your son and wondering when the surgery was scheduled. Then I turned on my computer and saw your post.


Guess I was getting a psychic-friends-network message :)


Praying that all goes smoothly and your son will have a quick recovery.

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