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New PANDAS on the news from AZ

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From this short news clip it certainly sounds like Tyler has PANDAS, poor kid. Regardless of what else other than PANDAS may or may not have been going on with Tyler, I'm not going to keep my daughter's diagnosis any more private than I currently do.


I'm not too keen on dd herself finding out about this story for her own sake - she is only 11 and has enough self-doubt and anxiety as it is. We homeschool her, so we don't have the pressure of worrying what other kids might say or that school personnel might put her under a microscope for strange behavior. I do sympathize with those concerns.


I think I'll take this opportunity to tell any interested parties what I know - and don't know - about PANDAS/PANS, when and if it comes up. Any friends and family who were going to steer clear of us and our 'problem' have already done so. (Not too many thankfully). I can hardly imagine it would be harder to deal with strangers who might do the same.


Maybe one of the best things we can do for our kids, one of the most honorable things, is to tell the truth as we understand it, about their illness.



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