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Neurologist and Environmental Dr appts tomorrow!

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Tomorrow we fly down to our captial city for a Neurologist appt and an appt with a Environmental Dr


For the Neurologist i have all my (messy) diary notes, A list of tics my son has had that i've noticed starting back in 2011 and also 3 recordings on my phone of him ticcing that he didn't know i was taping. Is there anything else i should have with me or anything specific i should be asking?


Now for the Environmental Dr i have filled out the paperwork they wanted and am taking the last blood test results my son had as well as the biomedical hair analysis results. This is the appt that i'm most excited about but i'm not really sure what i should say as to why are we going to see him. Would you just say we are here because my son tics? Of course we are hoping to investigate gut health, allergies and all the other things. I'm a little nervous and the appt isn't cheap , It's actually more expensive than the private neurologist so i want to make sure i get what we need to from the time with the Dr.


Have i missed anything important that i should be doing, asking or taking?




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If your experience is anything like ours here, you will find it much easier to communicate with the enviro doc than the neuro.


Don.t be surprised if the neuro negates any of the tic trigger discussion and calls supplements and other modifications for tics "quackery" and just gives a TS dx with offer of antipsychotic meds to treat the tics.

Hopefully, you experience will be better.......


Enviro docs tend to take a more holistic approach and are usually very aware and educated about how what we eat and the environment around us can impact our health.

I would be sure to let the doc know any potential triggers you may have noticed.


Hope all goes well :)

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Thanks Chemar


Fortunately i was recommended the Neuro we seen by others who were very happy with him and he was really lovely. He said he doesn't believe in giving medication soley for tics but if other factors like ADD OR OCD are the biggest issue then he is happy to trial medications if the family wants to. As i already thought my son has mild anxiety and the Dr does want me to keep an eye on it and watch out for any OCD or intrusive thoughts that may creep in down the track. I didn't bother mentioning much about what we are currently doing etc as i knew we were going to the Enviro Dr for that. We don't have to go back and see the Neurologist and he did give us a TS diagnosis based on the last 2 years of tic documenting. We got what we went for but it doesn't change anything!


The environmental Dr was good, He wants to get a blood test done to re check my sons zinc levels as he said the test i showed him that was done a while ago was incorrect and that my son is low in zinc. He sent DS for a urine test for something called pyroluria? due to so many of our family members having anxiety and or depression. He also wants to rule out PANS so is getting strep tilters tested within the blood test, I have read alot about PANS and PANDAS but its all really confusing and didn't feel my son has it but good that the Dr wants to rule it out i guess. We didnt talk much about diet etc as i don't think there is much else i can change in that area lol. We are also doing the hair test for heavy metals as we lived in a extremely mouldy house for 2.5years and also have until recently always lived on very busy streets/highways.


I feel like we are on the right path :)

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so glad it all went well.....if you do a search for pyroluria on this forum you will find quite a bit of info....good that the envirodoc was clued up on that!


I know of a number of families with tics, misdx TS, who suffered with pyroluria.


There are also past threads re mold (that is how it is spelled in the USA so search both mold and mould)

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Will def do the search and read up more thanks, I'm getting hubby to read about pyroluria atm from a google search as so much of the symptoms etc sound like him! and he also has low B6 so we recently found out and he has anxiety/panic attacks/depression as does his mother and aunty. So will be interesting to see what the test results say for our son and would like him to look into it for himself also.

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