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Homeopathic Treatment for PANDAS

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Hi to all parents who have children with PANDAS. I'm new here and I joined this forum to share the success we had in treating Pandas with homeopathic remedy. We first encountered this syndrome when my youngest daughter turned 5. It was such a sudden change that I had to do a lot of research and experimenting. We have tried a lot of medicines from antibiotic to herbal supplements. There was a time my daughter was taking abt 6 to 8 supplements a day just so we can cure this horrible illness. This went on for abt 5 months then I found an interesting article abt homeopathy and made an appt to an homeopathic doctor the next day. She started treatment consisting of Ignatia, traumeel and spongia. A few days later, we saw remarkable results. My daughter was less hyperactive and more attentive. The Ocd completely stopped. However, there were still some goofy and jumpy moments. We tried these remedies for abt 3 months and her doctor tried anothe remedy which are carcinosin and echinacea. This I must say were much better than Ignatia. She is more behaved and attentive. Goofy movements were a lot less. We are on this remedy for a month now and I must say we are truly on the road to recovery.

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Hi VDH, welcome to the Forums. It's great to read that you are seeing improvement in symptoms with homeopathy.


Thank you for sharing your experiences. As your note shows, homeopathy can require multiple adjustments in remedies. The treatment usually needs to be individualized for people, so a remedy that helps one person many not help someone else.


It would be good to know how the coming months go, so we hope you will please keep in touch. And we also hope you have found your answer.


(I'm sending you an email message to explain why your text was edited.) Best wishes, Sheila

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