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Things going well with NAC

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Its day #12 on the NAC for my son and we are seeing a marked difference. He is going hours without a vocal tic. They come in little spurts now as opposed to a contstant all day long thing. Could be waning but this decrease has coincided perfectly with our starting the NAC. For others that don't know what NAC is, its N Acetyl Cystiene - an amino acid that increases the glutathione in the brain and acts as an antioxidant. Yale is currently doing a study on the effects of NAC on children with TS. Study ends in July. There is reason to believe it can help due to a previous study with NAC and hari pulling. Apparently the NAC significantly improved symptoms in over 50% of the participants. I am hopeful that this will help us too.


We get results of our "big" blood test this week. The test will let us know what vitamin/mineral deficiencies my son has as well a heavy metal levels and neurotransmitter levels.

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i am still giving my son 1,200mgs a day (600 in the am and 600 in the PM) He is 5 and 33lbs. I would start out lower and titre up to the 1200mgs and see if you see results. Then I would consult your doctor to see how high a 10 year old can go.


The Yale study gave a max of 2,400mgs a day to children 7-17 yrs old. i did not want to go that high with my son.

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