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Now that we are 3 weeks into abx we have seen a great reduction in OCD and panic attacks but motoric hyperactivity, mood swings, rages and poor performance and behavior in school are not improving. He had none if these issues prior to strep in Dec. We are finally ready to try a med to help. it's no surprise that Prozac was a nightmare. All if his symptoms were magnified ten fold and he ultimately became suicidal on it.


Our psychiatrist has recommended either Intunive or Clonadine. Has anyone had any luck with either? I think we are more likely going to start on Clonadine because it is much less expensive.


I would've to hear what kind of success, side effects, or other experiences your PANDAS pts have experienced.

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We tried Intuniv and then we tried Kapvay with my DS (he was 7 at the time) before the PANDAS diagnosis and treatment. We did not see any improvements to the same symptoms you have listed above. Again, this was before antibiotics, antivirals and ibuprofen helped settle things. While trying both meds., there were very groggy periods. I would say we stuck with them for about 6-8 weeks before we stopped. I do wonder if they would make a difference now that we have seen some improvements with antibiotics and things aren't at the same level of intensity. Good luck!

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