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Autism and Methylation

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This isn't a new article (2007) but it outlines one theory of what's going on in autism. I personally think, after 5 yrs of battling these issues, that this is also a little of what happens to Pandas kids. They may be able to maintain a level of "normal" when healthy, but when extra resources are needed in the system to fight infection, when the body self-attacks, you see an imbalance of neurotransmitters, a dysfunction in the body's ability to detox. Too much oxidative stress breaks the camel's back.


Addressing methylation hasn't "cured" the Pandas - DS is still vulnerable to infection triggers. But addressing his unique methylation roadblocks has helped in many ways.



1. Sulfur metabolism and oxidative stress. .

2. D4 dopamine receptor-mediated PLM
3. Heavy metals, xenobiotics, redox and methylation. .
4. Oxidative stress in autism
5. Redox/methylation-related genetic factors in autism.
6. A redox/methylation hypothesis of autism . . .
The authors are from Northeastern in Boston. Anyone ever work with any of them?
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