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Everything looks great and the answers are concise. Would there be a way to put a PANS question and answer on this forum? Or is it even appropriate? I would just like newbies to know that mycoplasma, lyme, or certain viruses can also prompt biological responses similar to PANDAs. If I am out of line, or this is addressed somewhere else, my apologies.

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Under "My child's PANDAS symptoms are surfacing and the strep test was negative, what's going on? " might be a good place to remind folks that non-strep infections/inflammation/even allergies can trigger symptoms.


It does get addressed soon after in:

"Q: We had a negative throat culture, does that rule out PANDAS?
A: No. A throat culture can confirm GABHS colonization but not rule out PANDAS. It is important to know that PANDAS is not "due to GABHS" but rather thought to be due to auto-antibodies in the blood stream that were triggered by an initial GABHS infection. In Swedo's original 50 cases paper, she notes that "Not all symptom exacerbations were preceded by GABHS infections; viral infections or other illnesses could also trigger symptom exacerbations. This is in keeping with the known models of immune responsivity -- primary responses are specific...while secondary responses are more generalized. Thus, the lack of evidence for a preceding strep infection in a particular episode does not preclude the diagnosis of PANDAS." "


But...should actually be in both spots for clarity.

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