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I am sorry to tie up a thread with this--

but I know someone wanted the name of an integrative LLMD in Fairfax. I do not know who it was on the forum & I cannot find the post. I am not on the forum very much anymore and somehow lost track of the thread/member name.

If you would like it, please PM me.




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Hi Pow Pow,


I tried PMing you, but your mailbox said you couldn't get any additional messages. I wasn't the one looking originally, but would love the name of the integrative doctor in Fairfax. I've been lamenting that there isn't one in closer to where we live (DC maryland suburbs). Still wish there were one right here, but Fairfax isn't too far so I think maybe worth the trip. If you could PM me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!



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I messaged to name to both of you, Hayley & bigmighty.


tpotter- thanks for asking. I have not been on the forum, due to rigors of just keeping up with life & I did not like the merging of the two forums. I think (dodging virtual tomatoes here!) that alot of our kids have different diseases ( maybe some are lyme, some are PANS and some are something else!) and adding the lyme added another layer that is not pertinent for many people. Honestly, as much I treasure the support this forum gave to me to get me through many, many rough times, I do not recommend the forum anymore to new PANS parents. I am sure they will find it on their own and for a newcomer to this nightmare it could throw you off a cliff!


However, I imagine your were asking about my CHILD not me ;)

Well, after many kick-butt PANS treatments (pex, multiple IVIG, steroids, abx) and OCD tx (residential therapy and psych meds) she was doing fairly well- in school, mostly happy, minor OCD. It really tanked after about 4 good months and she was back almost to square one. No hygiene, severe coprolalia, paralyzed by OCD, unable to leave the house, incontinence, sleep inversion, suicide attempt, self harm, rage, tics returned with a vengeance...

During that terrible time (which started in Feb), she stopped all meds (obviously, they were not working that great, huh??)


Finally, we were able to restart the Augmentin XR. About 48 hours later, she began to calm. each day was slightly better than the previous. We restarted the OCD med (at a very low dose) and now- 2 weeks and one day into the restarting of Augmentin and one week on OCD med- I am happy to report that she went out last night with friends, beautiful, smiling and with only minor- moderate OCD.

I am now on a quest to figure out how to NEVER have such an exacerbation again .

AND I will cling to Augmentin for dear life. We have never seen such a clear cut improvement from it before, however, this would probably be the first time that it was the only change made~~ so I guess it was pretty obvious.

Thanks for asking, tpotter!

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Hello PowPow,I think it was me who asked for a referral to a good doc in NoVA - can you please share? I tried PMing you but it seems your account cannot receive any new messages - not sure why

Many thanks - and hope things are going well...

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Something is wrong with my messenger. It won't let me message people. Can anyone help?
I tried to delete a whole bunch of messages recently and I thought that would help, but it didn't.
The doc is a rheumatologist at rt 50&66. Her last name starts with the last letter of the alphabet.

How is that for trying to get around the "not naming docs" rule?? If I can get my messaging sorted out I will get more info to you & nitshel ( who also asked?)
Are you in Northern Va?


My messenger worked fine from a "real" computer-- just was not working from my phone. go figure ;)


Nitshel & MPS1978


I messaged you!

Edited by PowPow
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